Huddy - Time After Time

How come this video gets so little likes and reviews? It’s awesome!



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Hugh Laurie by Simon Emmett for L’Oreal Paris (x)
Hugh Laurie by Simon Emmett for L’Oreal Paris (x)
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I could get lost in Hugh Laurie’s eyes forever

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Kick off! Special - A World Champion in London - André Schürrle


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"I used to have an intimate relationship with a photograph of you. Well actually a sock and a photograph."

I know

"I was lying"

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House almost kisses Dominika when she says she fixed the blender. You see? A hooker couldn’t fix the blender! Dominika is the woman he’s been searching for! She’s adorable! Then he pulls away —he’s scared of love—his relationships always end badly—he’d have to run his car into his own apartment–!

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No, it’s ridiculous

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